Take maximum pleasure in your practice without any risk with our wide selection of helmets.

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Take maximum pleasure in your practice without any risk with our wide selection of helmets.

Roller and skate helmets: safety and style on wheels

The helmet is much more than safety equipment, it is a style statement for any self-respecting rider. At HawaiiSurf, our roller and skateboard helmets are designed to protect you while reflecting your unique style. Whether you're a budding skateboarder or a pro roller, choosing the right helmet is like choosing your board: it has to match your vibe. With renowned brands and designs ranging from simple to flashy, you will find the helmet that suits you.

Comfort and safety: our priority

We know that nothing stops you when you're on your wheels. That's why our helmets offer the best in safety without sacrificing comfort. Each helmet is tested to withstand the harshest impacts, allowing you to ride with complete confidence. Plus, with adjustable size options and breathable materials, you'll be able to skate or rollerblade for hours without feeling cramped. And because safety is our priority, all of our helmets meet the strictest safety standards.

Style and personalization: express yourself

Skateboarding and rollerblading aren't just a sport, they're a way of life. This is why our helmets are more than just protection , they are a means of expression. From bright colors to bold patterns to clean designs, our collection lets you show off your unique style. You can even personalize your helmet with stickers and accessories to make it truly yours.

Find the perfect helmet at HawaiiSurf

Ready to hit the streets or conquer the skateparks? Visit HawaiiSurf to choose the helmet that will keep you safe while reflecting your style. With our wide range of roller and skate helmets for men, women and children, you are sure to find the one that suits you. Don't forget to also wear knee and elbow pads to be completely protected.

Finally, don't forget: a good helmet can make all the difference. At HawaiiSurf, we're here to make sure you leave with the perfect helmet. Whether you're an urban rider, a passionate skater, or a scooter fan, our helmets offer optimal protection with a personal touch. Come and discover our range, always available in stock, and find the helmet that suits you, in matte or glossy, in white or black. Get ready to ride safely and in style!