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California surfboards!

Al Merrick Surfboards is the surfboard brand of the Channel Islands group. It's all about quality boards. The originality of its shapes accompanies the best surfers like the great Kelly Slater, who needs no introduction, as well as the best WSL surfers.

Founded in 1969 in California by Terry and Al Merrick, the brand is now run by Britt Merrick , son of the famous shaper, who continues to perpetuate the family tradition by designing the best-performing boards on the market.

Britt Merrick becomes Al Merrick 's main shaper! Son of Al, he spent his childhood in the shaperoom. Growing up, he began shaping his first boards in 1990 alongside his father Al Merrick.

The brand's commitment is to provide surfers with the best possible equipment!

Channel Island manufactures and distributes products such as daggerboards in collaboration with surfers like Jordy Smith or Dane Reynolds, leashes for beach waves, big waves or competitions, covers with which you can travel without worrying about damaging your board, as well as backpacks where you can store your wetsuit after catching the best waves of the day.

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