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Ready to venture out into the world in style?

Our luggage collection at HawaiiSurf has everything you need for your travels, city excursions and much more. Discover a varied range of bags designed to accompany you with elegance, whether you're going away for the weekend or strolling the city streets.

For discerning travelers, our Duffels/Travel are ideal companions. Spacious, durable and with multiple compartments, they allow you to carry everything you need for your next adventure. Whether you're going on a short getaway or a longer trip, our duffels are designed to combine functionality and style. Choose from a variety of brands and designs to find one that matches your personality.

THE Backpack are must-haves for those who like to keep their hands free while still having everything within reach. Our collection includes a variety of backpacks designed to meet your needs, whether for everyday use, travel, or even going out on the town. Well-designed compartments, quality materials and varied styles allow you to find the ideal backpack to accompany you on all your adventures.

If you prefer a more compact and practical option, our Bags/Bananas are perfect. They are designed to give you convenient storage without sacrificing style. Wear them across the body or on your waist to keep your essentials close at hand. They are ideal for light travel and add a trendy touch to your outfit.

At the house of HawaiiSurf , we understand that luggage storage is an essential part of your travels. That's why we offer you a carefully chosen selection of high-quality travel bags, backpacks and messenger bags.

Our partner brands share our passion for functionality and style, ensuring our products meet your needs.

Whether you're traveling, exploring the city, or going on a short getaway, HawaiiSurf has the perfect luggage to accompany you. Explore our collection to find the bag that fits your lifestyle and luggage needs.