Longe Côte

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A Unique Sliding Experience on the Coast in France

Explore the Longe Côte collection at HawaiiSurf and discover a unique gliding experience on the French coast. Longe Côte, also known as water walking, is a sport that offers many health benefits. This sporting practice allows you to enjoy the sea in France in a new way, ideal for those who enjoy hiking and swimming. Whether you are a beginner or passionate about Longe Côte, our collection includes neoprenelunge suits and lunge accessories designed to optimize your experience.

Longe Côte wetsuits: Comfort and Protection for your Seaside Sessions

When practicing Longe Côte , it is essential to wear a suitable suit to stay dry, warm and comfortable. HawaiiSurf offers a range of wetsuits specially designed for coastal lengths of all levels. Our wetsuits offer a comfortable fit, excellent freedom of movement and protection from the elements, and are made from high quality neoprene. Whether you are looking for a full wetsuit or a shorty wetsuit for women or men, our collection will meet your needs, whatever the weather conditions on the beach.

Longe Rib Accessories: The Details That Make the Difference

To enhance your Longe Côte experience, we also offer a range of practical accessories. Whether you need gloves for better grip, shoes suitable for aquatic environments, protective goggles against the sun and splashes, fins to improve your swimming, paddles for navigation, or bags to carry your equipment in safely, our Longe Côte accessories are designed to meet your specific needs. Each accessory choice adds to the safety and comfort of your seaside experience.

At HawaiiSurf , we understand the importance of preparation and the right equipment to fully enjoy your Longe Côte sessions. Our collection of wetsuits and accessories is carefully selected to offer you the comfort, protection and performance you need for this unique seaside experience. Whether you are a Longe Côte fan or want to discover this activity , our collection will accompany you on your coastal adventures in France. Explore our range to find the ideal equipment and discover a new way to enjoy the coast.