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  • How to protect yourself from the sun?

    Découvrez nos conseils essentiels pour vous protéger efficacement du soleil ! Apprenez comment préserver votre peau des rayons UV nocifs et profitez des journées ensoleillées en toute tranquillité !

  • Surf wetsuits: towards eco-friendly alternatives

    Discover how the surf industry is moving towards eco-friendly alternatives for wetsuits. New technologies and sustainable materials are being explored to reduce the environmental footprint of this iconic sport!

  • Once upon a time... OXBOW!

    Discover the spellbinding story of Oxbow, the iconic surf brand since 1985. Passion, freedom and authenticity!

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    Discover pure adrenalin on a freestyle scooter! A fast-growing sport that defies gravity and conquers urban streets!

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    From humble beginnings in the 1970s to a giant in the outdoor industry, Patagonia has forged an unrivalled reputation!

  • New water sports: Foils, wings and other new practices

    Discover innovative water sports such as foiling and winging, pushing the limits of adrenaline on the water!

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    Discover 10 essential tips to start surfing with pleasure and perseverance!

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    Discover the exciting world of Nomads Surfing, where waves meet the spirit of adventure!

  • Surf Therapy: when contact with the ocean heals

    Discover how surf therapy uses the power of the ocean to heal body and mind!

  • Electric bikes: an urban revolution!

    Discover how electric bikes are revolutionizing urban travel!

  • History of Rollerblading: From its beginnings to the present day!

    The history of roller skating: from craftsmanship to its status as an essential sport, between progress and diversity!

Passionate about boardsports for 3 generations of customers

A pioneer in the field, HawaiiSurf is the most authentic brand in the distribution of equipment for board sports such as Skateboardthe Snowboardthe Surfthe Ski and the Roller. When it began in 1976,  HawaiiSurf builds its image as a board sports expert with its first Parisian store in the inner suburbs of Ivry-Sur-Seine, less than 500 metres from the 13ème arrondissement of Paris. With its growing reputation, HawaiiSurf is going viral in Paris with the opening of a second store in 2019, specializing in the resale of skateboard and rollerblade products in the 14 arrondissement.ème arrondissement of Paris. The site came to life in 1997, validating its ever-growing competitiveness in the retail sector, as well as its online sales strategy, by becoming the first French site to specialize in the resale of board sports equipment and textiles. More recently, 3 other stores were opened in the Atlantic department. Two stores opened over 2017, one in Mimizan and the other in Saint-Jean-De-Luz. A team of board sports experts will be delighted to accompany you on your purchases, sharing all their know-how and skills as board sports technicians. When you choose HawaiiSurf, you're choosing a brand with 48 years of experience and a passion for surfing. We'll help you make the right purchase, offering you the finest selection of technical equipment, while keeping up with the hottest lifestyle trends on the market!

Winter sports: Snowboarding, Skiing, Splitboarding, Ski touring!

In the early '80s, HawaiiSurf was the first store to import snowboard culture to France, building a solid partnership year after year with the famous Burton Snowboards brand by distributing the very first old-school boards of the era. HawaiiSurf has retained this strong winter sports appeal, offering quality equipment and technical textiles, opening up its range to the sports of SkiSplitboard and Ski touring so you can vary your riding and your pleasure. For snowboarding, you'll find the best boards, bindings and boots on the market from top brands like BurtonNitroUnionArborCapitaSlash Snowboard and many others, with products accessible to all and for all levels. For our skier friends, it was important for HawaiiSurf to open up its range by offering quality equipment for Alpine, Freeride, Freestyle and Backcountry skiing, with brands such as Black CrowsVölklDalbelloFaction, Poc and many others... The post-confinement era has only served to validate the growing interest in outdoor sports and the importance of rediscovering the great outdoors. Only a few years old, ski touring and splitboarding made their appearance and quickly aroused great interest among seasoned consumers, opening up their target to beginners thanks to the confinement and closure of resorts following government announcements about the Covid-19 virus in the 20/21 season. Last but not least, a successful session doesn't just come from the equipment strapped to our feet, but also from the increasingly high-performance technical textiles that ensure real comfort and provide perfect protection from the elements, even when they're raging! Here's a selection of the best-performing brands on the market, including Picture Organic Clothing686PatagoniaThe North Face, MilletBurton and Volcom. At HawaiiSurf, the priority is on head-to-toe equipment with helmetsmasksand safety equipment coupled with top-quality technical equipment.

Water Sports: Surfing, Bodyboarding & Wetsuits!

Closest to the surfing community, with headquarters in Bayonne and stores along the Atlantic coast from end to end, HawaiiSurf also emphasizes its in-depth knowledge of the mythical French surfing region, including the Côte-Basque and Landes! You'll find 200 different surfboard models available for all levels, from beginner to expert, with prestigious brands such as TorqVenonOcean EarthCatch Surf and Wave Power. A wide range of essential accessories, such as excessesand leashesand pads and safety covers are also available for brands such as FCSMdnsRoam and Ocean Earth. Looking for a thrill? Then dive into the waves with our selection of equipment designed for the practice of Bodyboard with French brands such as PrideSniper but also brands such as Dafin and Churchill. Whether you practice Bodyboardfrom Surffrom Skimboard or the Stand Up Paddle optimum protection must be added to your boarding gear! Discover a selection of neoprene wetsuits for menWoman and Children with famous brands such as MdnsPatagoniaO'neillPicture and Rip Curl with other accessories such as ponchosbalaclavasslippersgloves and sun protection.

Urban sports: Skateboard, Longboard Skate & Roller Quad!

That's where the HawaiiSurf story begins! Take a trip back in time to 1976, when skateboarding culture took off in Paris. As the first French retailer to specialize in skateboarding equipment skateboard and rollerblades For almost 50 years, HawaiiSurf has been building stable, long-lasting, trust-based relationships with the best brands on the market. You'll find a wide range of choices when you buy complete boards includingtraythe trucksthe fastenersthe grip and wheelsbut also spare parts, allowing you to build your own dream board with brands such as IndependentSanta CruzPowell PeraltaMadnessGlobeChocolateElementPlan B and many other brands... If you like speeding down mountain passes, slaloming between cars, or simply want to get around quickly without using the car for short trips, you'll also find a selection of longboard skate as LandyachtzArborYowCarver and Globe. Finally, true fans of the 80's and 90's culture, the HawaiiSurf team has selected roller skates for the sport. Roller Derby or Roller Dance, and 3-wheel Rollers dedicated to city freeskating with brands such as ImpalaRollerbladeSebaBulletFR Skates and many other brands...

Outdoor : Hiking, Trail running, Trekking !

Year after year, outdoor sports continue to gain ground in the sports market. The reason? Walking, running, climbing, riding or camping in the mountains or in the forest, with family, friends or as a couple, is the kind of freedom that will never be matched by other indoor sports. These days, office jobs, society and even more recently, the health crisis, are pushing us to stay at home and forget about the pleasure of a walk in the forest, a hike in the mountains, a descent on fresh snow, and the well-being and freedom these activities give us! At HawaiiSurf, we know how important it is to protect, capture and enjoy these moments when we recharge our memories and unforgettable moments by varying the landscapes, admiring panoramas that city dwellers will never be able to observe and, above all, taking a deep breath of fresh air! But when it comes to outdoor sports, technical and innovative materials are essential to ensure you're well looked after on your various outings. That's why HawaiiSurf has put together a selection of the best brands, including LafumaThe North FaceMillet or even Patagonia of the outdoor market to offer you the best textiles, footwear and technical outdoor multi-sports equipment. Camping & comforter and luggage - find everything you need for your excursions!

Streetwear and lifestyle clothing!

HawaiiSurf is not only your supplier of equipment for action and board sports such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, it's also THE brand that offers a selection of streetwear apparel for menwomen and children ! All the latest streetwear brands inspired by urban cultures, including Carhartt, Volcom, Oxbow, Rhythm or even Dickiesas well as trendy skateboard labels like Polar, Thrasher magazine and Hufare at HawaiiSurf! Our wide choice of brands is hyper-specialized in selection, we offer you the best labels of the moment, the most fashionable, but also the historic ones in the landscape of action sports and urban cultures. Our DNA comes from California, so a wide selection of boardshorts and tank tops is available year-round in our boutique, for those looking for the latest lifestyle or surfing product for your next board session or vacation. For the more eco-responsible among you, we offer recycled products with the brand Picture Organic Clothing. HawaiiSurf then offers the largest selection in the action sport industry; you can dress head-to-toe in the latest trendy brands in our industry and equip yourself for successful sessions! For lovers of streetwear products combining class, elegance and fashion; don't wait any longer, it's at HawaiiSurf!