Spitfire Wheels

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The Spitfire wheels co brand is often cited as one of the skateboard brands with one of the most recognizable logos. The demon head logo with its flaming haircut is known and recognized worldwide in the skateboard industry! But this recognition is above all linked to the quality of the products which for more than twenty years now have attracted many pro skaters and amateurs alike.

The Spitfire skate brand was founded in 1987 by the Deluxe Distribution group based in San Francisco in the state of California in the USA. The group is also a distributor of brands such as Thunder trucks, Real skateboards and Antihero skateboards! Obviously with an association of so many quality brands, Spitfire wheels was sure to become the number one brand in skateboard wheels.

With skateboarding legends as supporters such as Andrew Reynolds, Justin Brock, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, John Cardiel and Chris Cole to name a few, the brand offers classic models like the Spitfire Bighead, which exist in more than around fifty variations! Skate wheel for the skatepark, street or even in a soft version for skate cruising, the brand and its furious smiley logo in flame offers spitfire wheels and bearings for all types of skaters!

Spitfire also sells skateboard clothing, and skate accessories such as skate tools, skateboard wax and skate hardware!