New water sports: Foils, wings and other new practices

New water sports: Foils, wings and other new practices

Léa Gourdin |

Watersports enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new sensations and new disciplines in which to live out their passion. In recent years, several innovations have been introduced to the world of water sports, including foils, wing and other emerging practices that open up a wide range of possibilities for exploring the elements. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most exciting new developments in water sports and how they're revolutionizing the industry.

The foil: a revolution in water sports

Foils represent a veritable revolution in the world of water sports, thanks to their metal blades that allow them to "fly" above the water. In recent years, foils have been integrated into various disciplines, offering new sensations to sportsmen and women and paving the way for new emerging sports.foil

The benefits of foiling

Best performance : By eliminating water resistance, the foil enables impressive speeds, even in light winds.
Flying sensation : With the board raised above the water, the sensation of flying is an exceptional and addictive experience.

Versatility: foils can be used in a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling and surfing, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Foils prove their worth in competition

In ocean racing, where speed is paramount, many sailors have adopted foils to improve their performance. Foil-equipped trimarans are now capable of breaking records and dominating legendary races such as the Route du Rhum.

Foils make their way into mainstream watersports

The foil boom is not limited to the world of racing. More and more schools and clubs are offering introductory courses, especially on protected the Jaï spot in Marignane with the Jawai school. This allows beginners to discover foiling in complete safety, under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.Wave ride

Foil and safety

Despite the apparent lightness of the foil, it's essential to follow a few recommendations to ensure your safety and that of other riders.

Training : It is advisable to take a course or training course before starting foiling on your own.
Equipment control : Inspect your foil and board regularly for wear and tear.

Space: Maintain sufficient distance from other riders and obstacles to avoid collisions.

Foils promise a bright future for water sports

With its speed potential and unique sensation of flight, the foil is set to revolutionize water sports and attract many new enthusiasts. Clubs and schools are springing up all over the world to give as many people as possible the chance to try this innovative discipline.

The emergence of dedicated competitions

As foiling gains in popularity, we're also seeing the emergence of competitions dedicated entirely to foiling.such as the Foil World Cup. These events enable athletes to measure themselves against each other in specific formats adapted to this cutting-edge technology.Foil beach

Ever-increasing adoption

The foil continues to appeal to an increasingly diverse audience: windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts are won over by the incredible sensations this innovation brings. We can therefore expect foils to become more and more present on our waters and to have a lasting influence on the evolution of water sports.

Wing foil: between windsurfing and kite surfing

Wing foiling is a gliding discipline that's taking off, not least thanks to its growing popularity on French beaches. Somewhere between windsurfing and kite surfing, wing foiling consists of an inflatable sail held in the hands and a board fitted with a submerged fin. Thanks to this combination, kiteboarders can sail several decimeters above the water, making the sport more accessible to beginners and advanced kiteboarders alike.

wing foilThe advantages of wing foil

Accessibility The wing foil is easy to learn and master, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned water sports enthusiast. Numerous courses are available in French sailing schools to introduce you to this new discipline.
Easy to install Less cumbersome than kite surfing, this sport doesn't require lengthy preparation and can be practiced on a wide variety of water surfaces.
New sensations wing foil: sailing several decimeters above the water offers an inimitable feeling of flight and freedom. Many wing foil enthusiasts are won over by this unique experience.

Other new practices

In addition to wing foil and its various applications, other innovative water sports are emerging to meet the expectations of enthusiasts looking for something new:

  • The e-foil: is a cross between the classic foil and a board equipped with an electric motor, offering the possibility of surfing on the water without the need for wind or waves.
  • Hydrofoil kite surfing: thanks to the combination of a kitesurfing kite and a board fitted with a foil, this new sport offers kitesurfers greater stability and performance.
  • Inflatable kayaks: Lighter and easier to transport than traditional kayaks, inflatable models offer an interesting alternative for aquatic excursions or river descents.
  • Cycling on water:  sportsmen and women can indulge in the pleasures of cycling while sailing lightly on the waves. This discipline is attracting more and more curious people, as much for its originality as for the sensations it provides.

Kite surf hydrofoilWater sports are undergoing radical change, with the emergence of new disciplines such as wing foiling, the integration of foils into various water sports and the emergence of other innovative sports that meet the needs of those who are passionate about sensations and discovery. There's no doubt that these trends will continue to develop and shape the world of water sports in the years to come.