How to choose your ski and snowboard gloves or mittens?

Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, it's essential to protect your hands from the cold. Gloves and mittens are essential for coping with winter temperatures and enjoying winter sports to the full, without the risk of frostbite or other cold-related discomforts.

A wide choice for every need

If you're not sure which type of glove or mitten is right for you, there's a wide range of models to suit different needs.

  • Traditional gloves: ideal for skiers looking for a good grip and the ability to keep each finger separate.
  • Mittens: warmer and more versatile, they're perfect for mountain hiking, snowboarding, après-ski...
  • Three-finger gloves or "lobsters" : this interesting alternative combines the warmth of the mitt with greater flexibility than conventional gloves.

Choosing the right size

As with footwear, choosing the right size for your gloves or mittens is crucial to ensuring optimum comfort and effective protection against the cold. Consult the size guides available online or from specialist retailers to find the right model for your hands and their specific needs.

Criteria to consider when making your choice

To choose the right gloves or mittens, there are several criteria to consider:

  • Comfort level: the softness, feel and ergonomics of the glove/mitt are all elements to consider to ensure excellent comfort throughout your practice.
  • Thermal insulation: check that the model you choose offers the right level of protection for your needs and the temperatures you'll be exposed to.
  • Quality of materials: choose gloves or mittens made from sturdy, hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable materials to avoid the inconvenience of perspiration.
  • Style: while it may seem anecdotal to some, style is also an important consideration when choosing gloves or mittens, particularly when it comes to harmonizing your outfit.

    How to care for your gloves/mittens

    To ensure optimum durability, it's important to maintain your gloves or mittens regularly. Wash them by hand in lukewarm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry in the open air, away from a direct source of heat such as a radiator. Do not use a tumble dryer, as this may damage the waterproof and breathable properties of your gloves/mittens.

    How to choose children's gloves

    For younger children, choosing the right gloves is essential to introduce them to winter sports in the best possible conditions. Choose models that are easy to put on and guarantee a sufficient level of comfort to get them through their first stars without a hitch.