How to choose your surf leash?

Surfing is an exciting sport that requires the use of a wide range of equipment and accessories to ensure the surfer's safety and comfort. Among these accessories, the surf leash occupies an important place, as it connects the board to the surfer's ankle, preventing it from moving too far away in the event of a fall. How to choose the right surf leash? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider the size of your board

One of the first criteria to consider when choosing a surf leash is the size of the board. It's essential that the length of the leash matches that of the board, to offer the best possible safety.
  • If your board is between 6 and 7 feet long, opt for a 6-foot leash.
  • For boards 7 to 8 feet long, a 7-foot leash will do the trick.
  • Finally, if your board is longer than 8 feet, choose a leash of 8 feet or more.
Don't hesitate to ask your dealer or other surfers for advice on the ideal length for your needs.

Consider the quality of the leash

The quality of the leash is also an essential criterion for your purchase. Good quality means greater durability and less risk of breakage.

Choice of materials

Leashes are generally made from polyurethane, a tough, flexible material. However, some top-of-the-range models can be made from more robust materials such as Uretek or double-layer nylon, ensuring greater flexibility and resistance to wear. Favour well-known brands and don't hesitate to invest in a good-quality leash to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Leash thickness

The thickness of the leash depends on the type of waves you'll be riding, your level of surfing experience and the size of the board.
  • A thin leash (5-6mm) is ideal for beginner surfers tackling small waves and using short boards.
  • A medium thickness leash (7-8mm) will suit intermediate surfers and medium-sized boards.
  • A thick leash (9mm or more) is best suited to experienced surfers, big waves and long boards.

Choosing the right leash

There are several types of leashes on the market, depending on the type of surfing practiced, wave conditions and the surfer's level of experience.

Leash right

The straight leash is the classic model you'll find in most surf stores. It's versatile and suitable for all types of waves.

Leash coiled

The spiral leash is specially designed for surfers who practice stand-up paddling or other disciplines requiring a particular stroke. Its spiral design prevents it from tangling around your legs, offering maximum comfort.

Leash competition

The Leash competition leash is characterized by its light weight and low wind resistance, enabling surfers to improve their performance during competitions. However, it is less resistant than a classic leash and should only be used in optimal conditions and by experienced surfers. Ask your dealer to help you choose the right model for your needs.

Extras to consider

Finally, some surf leashes offer additional features that can enhance your surfing experience.
  • The double swivel: located at the ends of the leash, it reduces twisting and tangling thanks to its 360° rotation.
  • Padded ankle strap: provides greater comfort by preventing irritation caused by the leash rubbing against your skin.
  • The waterproof key ring: an inner pocket for carrying your keys and other small items without the risk of losing them.
By taking these different criteria into account, you'll be able to choose the ideal surf leash for practicing your sport safely and with maximum comfort.