How to choose a skateboard?

Welcome to Hawaiisurf's ultimate buying guide for choosing your skateboard! If you're looking for the perfect skateboard, you've come to the right place!

At Hawaiisurf, we understand how crucial it is to select the board that perfectly matches your needs, your skateboarding style and, above all, the right skill level! Our comprehensive guide will walk you through each step of the selection process, focusing on the essential criteria to help you make the most informed decision. Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned skateboarding veteran, we've put together the essential information to help you choose the board that will give you unforgettable experiences on wheels.

Throughout this guide, we'll explore in detail the different types of skateboards, the key components, and the features that define each model. You'll also discover tips and tricks for finding the board that best suits your riding style. Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and buy the perfect skateboard for you.

How do you choose the right skateboard for your riding style?

Before exploring the site to find the perfect new skateboard, it's essential to understand the various styles of skateboards: 

Skateboard Street 

Choose a popsicle-shaped skateboard for skatepark,street and mini-ramp tricks. This versatile board features kicktails on the front and back, allowing you to ride switch with ease. Lengths generally range from 28" to 33".

Bowl & Pipe

Bowls and pools have a fascinating history in the world of skateboarding. Let's go back to the early days of skateboarding, when pioneers emptied California pools for skateboarding. Today, we're seeing a resurgence of interest in this classic style. Skateboards adapted to bowls are wider, offering greater stability when descending steep walls, and are equipped with a kicktail for tricks.


Cruisers are wider boards with a single kicktail. Their maneuverability and versatility make them ideal for a pleasant ride around town. 


Surfskate, also known as surf skate, is a board that reproduces the sensations of surfing on asphalt. It offers a unique gliding experience, ideal for board sports enthusiasts. To find out more, consult our surfskate buying guide.



Longboards excel at long-distance downhill riding, offering stability and speed. Their symmetrical shape and low center of gravity set them apart. What's more, their special cut-outs allow the use of wide wheels.

Choosing between a complete skateboard or a skateboard to be assembled? 

When you decide to shine in skateboarding, one of the trickiest decisions is whether to buy a complete pre-assembled skateboard or build your own board from scratch. Discover the pros and cons of these options to make the best decision.

Full Skateboard

If you're new to skateboarding, opting for a complete skateboard is a wise choice. These boards are ready to use right out of the box, with no adjustments required. They come with all components pre-assembled, including trucks, wheels, bearings and grip. What's more, a complete skateboard is more affordable for beginners, offering excellent value for money for your first skateboarding experiences. 

Skateboard assembly 

If you choose to start from scratch by assembling your own skateboard deck, you get a board customized to your preferences. This approach gives you the freedom to select each component to perfectly suit your needs. You start by choosing a board of the ideal width for your body type, then match it with trucks and wheels to suit your skateboarding style. Advanced skateboarders appreciate this customization, as each component is carefully tailored to their specific needs.


The essentials for a customized skateboard setup 


The skateboard board is the foundation for all the other components. Choosing the right size is the first essential step in getting started! 


Choosing the right skateboard trucks for the width of your board is crucial. Higher trucks promote powerful ollies, while lower trucks ensure optimum stability for street skateboarding. Explore more tips in our skateboard truck buying guide. 


Your choice of wheels has a major influence on your skateboarding experience. Small wheels offer fast acceleration and are ideal for street skateboarding, thanks to their light weight. Larger wheels provide optimum stability for cruising and longboarding. Explore our additional tips in our skateboard wheels buying guide.


Skateboard bearings are the key link between your wheels and trucks, guaranteeing the performance of your skateboard. All skateboard bearings come in standard sizes, making them compatible with all wheels, whether for a classic skateboard or a longboard.


Skateboard screws and bolts include the nuts and bolts needed to secure the trucks to the board. If you opt for riser pads as a complement, you may need a longer set of screws and bolts.


The grip, glued to the top of your board, plays an essential role in improving your performance when performing tricks. At HawaiiSurf, when you buy a deck, we give you the Grip!  

Choosing the Ideal Skateboard Board Size?

When buying a skateboard, width is of crucial importance. Choosing the right board size depends on your height, shoe size and riding style.

As a general rule, narrower boards are ideal for smaller riders, women and children. If you're taller, heavier or have bigger feet, opt for a wider board for added stability.


The Concave: A Crucial Platform for Your Feet

When you look at a skateboard board from the side, you'll notice a curvature between the edges, called the concave. This feature impacts the position of your feet on the board and plays a major role in your skateboard's performance. There are three main types of concave to consider.

Concave Low (light) 

A concave Low is ideal for halfpipe, mini-ramp and pool riding, offering increased stability when navigating large elements, whether in the halfpipe or just out for a ride.

Concave Medium 

A medium-sized concave is suitable for many riders, offering a balance between ease of turning and increased stability, perfect for mini-ramp and vertical riding.

Concave High 

The large concave offers the most pronounced curve, making it easier to apply pressure to the edges of the board, which translates into simpler execution of technical tricks.

Key points to look for on a skateboard board

Skateboards come with a variety of features and technologies. Discover the key elements to familiarize yourself with the components and points to consider when examining a board.

Board length

Skateboards vary in length, typically measuring between 28" and 33" from nose to tail. It's essential to focus on width rather than length when choosing your board, as this has a major impact on performance.

The wheelbase

The distance between the truck mounting holes, also known as the wheelbase, plays a crucial role in the relationship between the trucks and the wheels of a skateboard.


The kicktail, that raised part at the end of your skateboard, plays an essential role in performing tricks such as ollies and kickflips. Most skateboards are equipped with kicktails on both sides, enabling you to perform ollies and other tricks in the switch position.

Nose and Tail

The nose is the front of your skateboard, while the tail is the rear. Note that on some skateboards, the nose may have a slightly different curvature than the tail. 


Most skateboards are made from seven layers of wood, firmly pressed together and bonded with an adhesive resin. Maple, renowned for its strength and lightness, is the wood most commonly used in their construction. Top-of-the-range models sometimes incorporate carbon fiber or other laminates to further strengthen the board, without increasing its weight excessively.

In short, choosing the perfect skateboard is a crucial step for skateboarders of all levels. HawaiiSurf is your trusted partner in this search, with a diverse range of high-quality skateboards from renowned brands, and expert skateboarding advice. Whether you're a novice or an expert, finding the right board is essential to your skateboarding experience. Our wide selection and expertise are at your disposal to guide you towards the optimal choice. To ride with style and confidence, explore our options on HawaiiSurf and be sure to complement your equipment with essential protection for safe riding. Get ready for unforgettable skateboarding moments, while benefiting from HawaiiSurf's quality and expertise.