Diego Torre

Diego is a 19-year-old Basque who has been passionate about surfing from an early age. Having immersed himself in surf culture, he has developed a unique expertise in this field. Today, Diego makes a living from his passion and passes it on to others by teaching surfing in the Basque Country. He invites you to follow his adventures through his countless sessions in France and abroad, whatever the conditions. @_diegotorre_

Who are you? Where are you from? 

My name is Diego Torre, I'm 19, I was born in Bayonne and now live between Biarritz and Anglet. 

At what age did you learn to surf? How did you progress? 

I learned to surf at the age of 3-4 on the Madrague spot in Anglet. My father was a keen surfer and surfing teacher, so it was he who got me started. 

What does surfing mean to you? 

Surfing is what shapes my life, whether it's my work (I'm also a surf teacher), my travels or my future life. 

What are your top destinations? What's your favorite spot? 

My top destination is Playa Negra in Costa Rica. It's a beautiful spot and the wave is even more beautiful when it's working well. My favorite spot is the Club in Anglet. I've been surfing here for almost 10 years now. 

What's your best advice for anyone wanting to get into surfing? 

Taking up surfing requires supervision, whether in a surf club or a surf school. There, you'll be given the best advice on the marine environment and the rules to follow once you're in the water. These are the basics of surfing. Then comes the practical part of learning to surf.