Ruddy Bibi

Passionate about rollerblading, Ruddy is our expert in urban gliding. Originally from the Paris region, he developed his passion for rollerblading at an early age. Always in search of new sensations, he explores the skateparks and streets of his city, constantly pushing back his limits and creativity. Ruddy wants to share his adventures with you, so you can discover the best spots and the challenges he meets with passion. Stay tuned! @ruddy_rider



Who are you?  

I'm Ruddy. Passionate about sports from an early age, I discovered urban sports (and in particular rollerblading) in Gap. When I was 17, something clicked and I wanted to pass on my passion. So I took a Brevet d'Initiateur Fédéral (Federal Initiator's Certificate) to be able to teach roller skating, and at the same time obtained a BPJEPS (Diploma in Physical Education and Sport). 

Where did you come from?  

I come from the Paris region and more precisely from the 18th arrondissement. 

How long have you been rollerblading?  

I started rollerblading when I was very young, on the Place du Palais Royal in Paris. I also took part in a number of organized tours. Then I got interested in skatecross and took part in a freeride race in Ile-de-France. I also took part in the WSX (World Skate-Cross Series) circuit. 

How have you progressed?  

I've made progress thanks to my friends. We're a group and we ride together regularly to improve. 

What's your best advice for those wishing to take up rollerblading?  

The important thing is to keep at it. Don't stop at the first difficulty. The ideal is to find a group to go out with and progress together. 

What's your favorite spot?  

My favorite spot is the Palais de Tokyo. It's the place to start and perfect your freeskate skills (step jumps with or without rotation, tactac stair descents, etc.). 

Do you have any sporting plans for this year?  

Yes, I'm planning to travel from Paris to Madrid in 10 days. The idea behind this sporting challenge is to show that it is possible to travel more responsibly.