Thibaud Berge

Thibaud, our bodyboard ambassador, is a true ocean and board sports enthusiast. He grew up in the Basque country and still lives there, moving to the rhythm of the waves and exploring all the possibilities offered by the local spots. Get ready, he's going to take us on a journey through his sessions in the South-West of France or abroad. @thibaud_berge

Where did you come from?  

I'm originally from Biarritz, a small town in the south-west of France, more precisely in the Basque Country. 

How long have you been bodyboarding? 

I've been bodyboarding since the age of 7, on the Gloy (Anglet) spots, mostly at the club beach or at Les Sables d'Or, depending on the sandbanks. The atmosphere is really good and I'm always sure to bump into someone I know in the water, which makes every session even cooler. That's why I stay loyal to these spots and bodyboard there regularly. 

What triggered it for you? How did you progress? 

Everyone wanted to learn to surf when they were younger. I did the opposite, I wanted to differentiate myself and that was a real turning point. Staying with a sport that's less practised and "a little more accessible" in terms of gliding. 

What made me progress were friends (bodyboarding), videos of different athletes around the world, travel and various competitions when I was younger. 

What do the ocean and bodyboarding mean to you? 

The ocean and bodyboarding are a source of well-being and motivation. The ocean is unique in that it offers totally different conditions every day, which makes boogieboarding all the more exciting. You have to be able to adapt to all types of waves, depending on the season and weather conditions, which doesn't make it easy. 

As for bodyboarding, it's a real sport, both in terms of physical fitness and technicality. The sensations are serious, whatever your level. 

What's your best advice for those wishing to take up bodyboarding? 

My best advice is to go into the water with one goal in mind: to enjoy yourself as much as possible, while always looking out for others. And the little extra is to try and find two or three buddies or a small group with whom you can share this moment. It'll be even better for your progress. 

What are your top destinations?

I was lucky enough to spend a year in Australia. Having traveled all over the West Coast, I was able to surf some real rocky waves, specially adapted for boogie boarding, such as the Shark Island wave at Cronulla near Sydney. This wave will always be engraved in my memory. A big, dry, mutant right-hander where you can get in a big barrel ;) 

Finally, the island of Siargao in the Phillipines is a real favorite. I surfed Cloud 9, the wave of my life. It's an amazing right/left peak where you can have a big barrel and do a manoeuvre at the end of the wave. It's the ultimate wave for bodyboarders and surfers.