Channel Island | SKU : CIALMHEDFCS2-NOCOLOR-6.1

Al Merrick Happy Every Day Fcs 2 Surfboard Shortboard



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Get ready to set your daily spot on fire with the Al Merrick Happy Everyday surfboard! Designed by Britt Merrick, this marvel is inspired by the famous Two Happy model to bring fun, performance and versatility to all your sessions.

Thanks to its shortened rail and more curved outline, especially in the tail, this board will have you slaloming like a pro, even in the most capricious conditions. The reduced entry and exit rocker ensures insane paddle speed, for a blast in the most demanding conditions.

The single concave under the front foot is like stepping on the gas in your favorite racing car! And with the generous double concave through the daggerboards, go from rail to rail in the blink of an eye, while enjoying extra lift in small waves.

The Happy Everyday has won the hearts of the pros, and Taj Burrow even adopted it at the Stab in the Dark and the WSL Rottnest Islands event. So, why not you?

Board delivered without drifts


5'10 x 19 3/4? x 2 1/2? 32.6L
6'0" x 20 1/4? x 2 5/8? 34.2L
6'1" x 20 1/2? x 2 5/8? 35.1L

Wave type: Particularly suited to medium-sized waves / reefs and everyday conditions.

Practice level: Intermediate surfers will appreciate the ease of handling, speed and lift that the Happy Everyday offers, helping them to develop their technique and better master maneuvers on medium-sized waves. Experienced surfers, meanwhile, will appreciate the board's responsiveness and performance, enabling them to execute more advanced maneuvers and make the most of every session, even in less ideal conditions.

Outline: Britt Merrick has shortened the rail to create a more curved outline, focusing particularly on the tail area. This modification allows better handling and an easier transition from rail to rail, making tight turns and fast maneuvers on the waves easier. The slightly wider outline compared to a conventional high-performance shortboard also offers extra buoyancy and stability, enabling better paddling and planing speed.

Rocker: The entry (front) and exit (rear) rockers have been lowered slightly compared to a traditional high-performance shortboard. Lowering the entry rocker allows better paddling speed and glide, making it easier to catch waves.

Concave: It combines a single concave under the front foot with a generous double concave across the drift area. The single concave under the front foot acts like an accelerator pedal, allowing you to generate speed quickly and maintain it throughout your glide.

Rails: the Happy Everyday's rails are slightly fuller and less sharpened than those of a classic high-performance shortboard. This provides better buoyancy and increased stability, allowing surfers to better control the board in everyday conditions and medium-sized waves.

Tail: The Happy Everyday is equipped with a squash tail, which is a very popular and versatile type of tail in the surfing world.The squash tail has a rounded, wide shape, with a flat angle at the rear. This design offers a combination of stability, buoyancy and responsiveness.

Daggerboards: Thruster daggerboards provide good grip in turns and excellent responsiveness when changing direction. They also provide increased stability and control, ideal for surfers looking to execute high-performance maneuvers in a variety of surf conditions.

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