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Armada brand history

The Armada ski company was founded in 2002 by the late, talented Quebec-born freestyle backcountry skier JP Auclair. Today, the freeride ski company offers a wide range of gear, from a cutting-edge selection of ski packs to modern, functional accessories ranging from ski poles to magnificent skiwear outfits using the world's best membranes such as Goretex. Since the 2018 season, the company has been acquired by the Amer Sports group, owner of the world's two biggest ski brands, Salomon and Atomic, giving new international impetus to this brand, which retains an underground, freestyle feel, with the added bonus of a team of riders who continue to win the industry's top awards through ski videos with Tanner Hall and podiums in spades with the talented Swede Henrick Harlaut.

Armada bare skis and pole

The company is a top brand: with a wide choice of bare armada skis; whether for a pair of men's skis, women's skis or children's skis. Whatever your level, sex, desires or target audience, the brand has been offering the ideal ski equipment for many years, so that every alpine skier can find what they're looking for. Of course, there's also a wide selection of skis for snowpark use, with high-performance, sturdy equipment such as the Armada skis of pro riders Phil Casabond and Henrick Harlaut, with their respective Armada B-Dog and Armada Edollo models.

The brand has also carved out a reputation for freeride ski equipment, and above all for all-mountain freerando use. The flagship model has long been the freerando kufo, now modernized with a whole range called Tracer for men and Trace for women. Select your skate width, read our gear info guide and strap on your brand-new freeride slats to enjoy winter sports in the high mountains with even more freedom than just using your lift pass.

For all-mountain skiing, Armada also offers a more versatile range! Get access to classics like the armada ARV or armada ARW for you ladies, available in three sizes in skate width for on-piste or freeride skiing in every nook and cranny of your favorite ski resort.

Because skiing without ski poles is outdated, the queen of freeride offers a wide selection of ski poles at low prices, as well as top-of-the-range products for venturing into the high mountains and skiing with first-rate mountain safety equipment in case of danger. You'll find Armada Triad ski poles, a must-have every season, as well as a selection of telescopic ski poles for ski touring and freeride.

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Armada skiwear

Once you've gone through the whole ski selection lexicon, don't worry about which rocker to choose, but rather which outfit to match with your new Armada ski pack! Over the years, the small North American ski company has become one of the most influential brands when it comes to choosing a ski suit. With product testers such as Tanner Hall, Jacob Wester and Mike Hornbeck, the brand was bound to receive constructive feedback. Where more generalist brands such as Rossignol or K2 have failed to attract a younger, more creative clientele for skiwear, Armada has pulled out all the stops to offer products at the best public price.

Whether you're looking for a pair of men's pants, a down jacket or a men's ski jacket, Armada has surrounded itself with the best winter technical textile design companies like Gore to produce top-of-the-line mountain clothing. Even you ladies in the business corner will find the Armada outfit of your dreams for a top-notch ski vacation!


To complete your ski outfit and your pair of Armada skis, don't forget the brand's essentials, such as ski gloves, thermal clothing and Armada balaclavas, face masks, hats, suspenders and ski socks. If you're after skiing, Armada is also a great label for streetwear inspired by snowboarding and skateboarding culture, so you don't get turned down at the Avalanche Local pub, or go out for a bite to eat at a candlelit dinner with madame à la folie douce!