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Chocolate Skateboards is the "exotic" brand of the Crailtap group, known for modernizing the skateboard scene by launching a brand called Girl Skateboards in 1993...

It's thanks to Girl Skateboards that Chocolate skate was born! Eager to expand the team in 1994, the company saw the creation of a distinct new brand as a new approach to its vision of skateboarding, and it made this superb choice with ease, so much so that the quality of the new pro skateboarders was already there when the Chocolate Skateboards family was officially launched. Starting with the likes of Chico Brenes, Keenan Milton (RIP), Daniel Castillo, Paulo Diaz, Gabriel Rodriguez, Shamil Randle, Ben Sanchez and Richard Muler, this team had a very "Chicano" feel to it!

Time has passed, some riders have moved on, but the quality of Chocolate brand riders has always been there, with Chico Brenes still at the helm as "Big dady of the team", and up-and-coming youngsters such as Chris Roberts, Kenny Anderson, Jesus Fernandez, Justin Eldridge, Vincent Alvarez and Yonnie Cruz.

The prowess and creativity of these skateboarding pros can be seen in skate videos that have become benchmarks for new generations, such as 1999's The Chocolate Tour, 2004's Hot Chocolate and, more recently, 2012's Pretty Sweet, which won an award at the 15Th Annual Video Transworld Magazine for the best skateboard video of the year.

Hawaiisurf skate shop offers you a wide selection of Chocolate skateboard boards, featuring the mythical series by web-designer Evan Hecox. For each series, he recreates a scene by gluing all the boards in the series together in a precise order.

Not only are Chocolate skateboards splendid in design, they're also sturdy and have a monstrous pop! So the Crailtap Group company has been one of our top 10 brands for decades in the heart of our Parisian skate shop.