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  • Epic 4/3Mm Back Zip Women's Neoprene Suit#SteamersOneill Epic 4/3Mm Back Zip Women's Neoprene Suit#SteamersOneill
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    Epic 4/3Mm Back Zip Women's Neoprene Wetsuit

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O'Neill is a cornerstone brand of the surf industry, founded by Jack O'Neill in 1952 as a small board store in California. Success came when Jack began to take an interest in the manufacture of wetsuits, which were underdeveloped and still very much a cottage industry at the time. They didn't block the water well, but still allowed the surfer freedom of movement. Jack was one of the first to use neoprene to manufacture wetsuits, and the success of this stretchy, waterproof material was immediate. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength to become what it is today, a legendary brand for riders and women.

Discover the quality of O'Neill neoprene with a high-performance women's range for surfing in all water temperatures, from shorties to women's 5/4 wetsuits.