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Skateshoes company and brand DC SHOES, known as one of the skateboard industry's most iconic brands, offers a wide selection of quality products associated with the skate, snowboard and surf industries in general.

Founded in 1994 under the label "DC for Droors Clothing", the Carlsbad, California-born brand was founded by two living skateboarding legends, Danny Way & Colin McKay, while Danny's younger brother Damon Way was in charge of artistic direction. The brand, which often brings to mind a well-known luxury logo, has become a benchmark in the world of extreme sports thanks to its modern design and the quality and technicality of its creations.

The core business of the dc shoes brand is, of course, skate shoes, with a wide choice of models ranging from low-profile skateboard shoes to more exotic products such as sports shoes for chilling out after a skate session, or the worst kind of hiking boots for getting to your favorite snowboard resort.

Whatever your size, on DC SHOES sneakers you're bound to find something to suit you among the brand's iconic models like the heathrow or the Graffik for fans of 90's skate shoe looks.

Skateboarders will enjoy the comfort of sturdy footwear in our special Skateboarding range, with a focus on buying pro-style skate shoes such as the Tiago, Tonix and Evan Smith.

If you're a women's ski enthusiast and want to take your ski jacket and snowboard pants and hit the fresh snow at the Dc Shoes chalet in Meribel, you can do it with your eyes closed, because Dc Shoes not only offers ski and snowboard clothing, but also quality snowboard gear, including snowboard boots and snowboards, that make people happy every season. Snowboarding legends such as Travis Rice proudly wear the Dc Shoes colors.

Whether you're cruising around town or cruising on your skateboard, the guys at Dc Shoes are also focusing on stylish streetwear collections! With its 90s-inspired history, the Danny & Collin brand offers iconic pieces like Dc shoes tracksuits, but also hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, chinos, Bermuda shorts and swim shorts. Accessories like the Dc brand backpack are also an everyday must-have!

Dc shoes is one of the most "star-studded" skateboarding and multi-sport teams on the planet... Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Hip-Hop breakdancer, Rapper, Dancer... the visionary brand offers its products to artists and athletes such as Rob Dyrdeck, Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, Tiago Lemos, Evan Slith, Wes Kremer and Bryan Wenning. Sportsmen and women from the FMX motorcycle and car industries, such as Travis Pastrana, remain brand ambassadors.

DC SHOES is a story that has been going on for over twenty years at Hawaiisurf Skateshop. With our corner in the heart of our skate and streetwear store, as well as the wide choice of the brand's products on our online skate shop, we offer you the best selection of DC Shoes Men's and Dc Shoes Women's products all season long.