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Etnies was originally a French brand of skateboard shoes founded by brothers Guy & Yvon Rautureau in Cholet, Maine & Loire. The brand was originally called Etnics, but soon had to change its name due to a similarity with an already registered trademark. Etnies footwear got off to a rocky start on the North American continent, but took off in 1989 thanks to talented skateboarder Pierre-André Senizergues.

Etnies designed the first real pro-model skate shoe for Natas Kaupas! It wasn't until the mid-90s that the brand took off, enjoying great success and independence from its two original founders.

Etnies is a brand of the Sole Technology group, whose other brands such as Es footwear, Emerica footwear and Thirty Tow snowboard make up the group still controlled by Pierre-André Senizergues.

Etnies is above all a wide audience of amateur skateboarders, but also multi-sport enthusiasts, such as FMX fans with products in collaboration with the Metal Mulisha crew, but also for all BMX riders!

More modern running-inspired skate shoes like the Etnies Scout are now iconic models from the French brand. High-quality pro skate shoes like the Etnies Marana or Etnies Kingpin are among the best etnies men's shoes and etnies sneakers.