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HUF is a skater brand created by a skater for skaters. Driven by different influences - streetwear, skateboarding and sneaker fashion - the brand was founded in the early 2000s by skater Keith Hufnagel in California. Keith, a New Yorker by birth, had been skateboarding since the early 80s, in a city where skateboarding culture and practice were difficult to accept and generally associated with punk rock and hip hop culture. It was in this environment that Keith got his first taste of skateboarding. When he moved to San Francisco in 1992, he pursued his passion even more intensively, eventually becoming a pro skateboarder. After touring the world, he returned to San Francisco with the idea of opening his own skate store. With skateboarding in his blood, he sees the sport not simply as a hobby, but as a veritable art of living that brings together skaters, artists, performers, musicians, photographers and other enthusiasts from diverse cultures and social backgrounds. It was with this vision in mind that he opened his boutique. A new kind of concept, it brings together all the most respected skateboard, streetwear and sneaker brands in one place. With the success of the boutique, Keith Hufnagel quickly decided to launch his own clothing line directly inspired by his skate, street and sneaker influences. It would become HUF, like the name of his boutique and his nickname in the industry.

HUF's main characteristic is to offer quality products designed primarily for skateboarding, with materials resistant to all kinds of stunts. All products are tested by skaters themselves before launch. But it's also a vintage design "inspired by the past and present to create the future" with New York and Californian influences. A good mix of genres.

Respected in the world of fashion and skateboarding, the brand is also involved in collabs with other major brands such as Vans or Nike, or even Snoop Dogg in another genre.

Sophistication and nonchalance are the designer's words to describe the HUF spirit. This spirit is expressed in pants, baggy shorts, patterned T-shirts, hoodies, bags and skateboards, as well as a wide range of socks and caps, all stamped with the HUF logo.

To keep its core spirit and authenticity, the brand takes care of its distribution, and you can't find it everywhere. Hawaiisurf is one of the few retailers in the Paris region where you can find a wide selection of HUF tee shirts, HUF jackets and, above all, the solid, super-stylish HUF caps, as well as the Huf skate shoe collection.

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