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Impala Roller Skates was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia by a group of girls with a shared passion for board sports. The brand is known for its quality rollerblades at a super affordable price and with a retro and vintage style in trendy colors, inspired by the 70s to the 90s . The brand aims to bring the practice of disco rollerdancing up to date! Impala is part of the famous "Globe" brand, which has more than 30 years of experience in surfing, skateboarding and ready-to-wear streetwear. Trust and quality are therefore beyond doubt for Impala!

The roller brand markets roller skates including quad roller models with a figure skating boot and inline skates , skateboards , accessories and clothing . All products are made from quality materials, to achieve optimal comfort and performance. In addition, the price remains particularly affordable.

All of their products are certified by PETA , meaning they are vegan and made from faux leather. The brand is actively involved with charitable organizations such as Dangerous Females, Hermosa Beach Education Foundation, Good world power of peace. In addition to working for these organizations, Impala also collaborates with the National Forest Foundation to help plant the trees that were used to make the skateboards.

Impala rollers are intended for strolling , roller dancing or simply leisure activities , always with the aim of having fun with friends! The brand conveys as many positive waves and good vibes as possible with videos and Instagram posts filled with sunshine and walks with friends by the ocean. Impala is above all sharing , pleasure and cohesion !

You can therefore shop directly on our HawaiiSurf site, a superb selection of Impala products, such as the new ultra-trendy quad skate and inline skate models, or accessories , protections and even skateboards!