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In 1975, visionary Jim Jannard launched his Oakley brand with the idea of ​​offering very high performance Oakley sunglasses specially designed for the sporting elite! When no one believed his ideas, the mad scientist decided to push all the limits of industrial standards. Result: with more than 600 patents, Oakley glasses are today at the cutting edge of technology in terms of frames, polarized lenses and coatings. With a design perfectly adapted to the needs of athletes, Oakley sunglasses are the solution to the challenges of athletes to help them push their limits.

Oakley sports sunglasses will accompany you in all disciplines: surfing, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading wherever the sun dazzles! Oakley's expertise in eyewear lenses is also available for winter in Oakley ski goggles and snow goggles for stress-free mountain riding sessions.

We can cite some of the brand's flagship products:

- the O Frame MX mask (1980, for motocross)

- the Eyeshades (1984, non-slip sports glasses inspired by motorcycle handles)

- The Frogskins, the emblem of 80's pop culture

And more recently:

- the M-Frame, ultra-technical glasses with 30 patents worn in particular by Lance Armstrong

- the A Frame, snow mask with HDO optics for perfect vision worn by Shaun White and Seth Morrisson

- The Airbrake, snowboard goggles equipped with all Oakley technology such as Switchlock which allows you to change the screen in a flash depending on the light conditions and a reinforced exoskeleton

- Prizm screens which allow a quality of vision never seen before, whether on snow masks or on your sunglasses

And to go even further in supporting high-performance athletes, Oakley quickly diversified into ski clothing and streetwear clothing.

Its specialist range of board sports offers you a complete range to support you through all your challenges. Their ski suit: ski jacket, ski pants or ski gloves will protect you from all bad weather. In addition, for winter 2016/2017, Oakley is putting all its expertise and technical excellence at the service of brand new Oakley ski and snowboard helmets, for total protection on the ski slopes!

In the street, also show your Oakley preference with the Oakley cap or Oakley hoodies! For the new Spring/Summer 2017 season, the brand also offers chic and sporty Bermuda shorts and a collection of super stylish short-sleeved t-shirts.

Oakley accompanies you everywhere to meet all challenges!