Ski Snow Pants 686

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The 686 brand was created in 1992 by Michael Akira West. After spending his youth skateboarding the streets of Venice Beach and Hermosa, this passionate snowboarder decided to dedicate his life to snowboarding after discovering the sport in the 80s at Bear Mountain in California, launching his line of technical snowboard clothing for snowboarders.

686 combines a core freestyle spirit with technical performance to create products that meet the needs of the most experienced riders!

The brand has become a benchmark in the world of snow thanks to its high-performance snow pants, such as the Smarty Cargo Pt, a highly technical and comfortable pant based on a cargo cut with two large side pockets. All at an unbeatable price!

The rest of the 686 clothing range follows the same line of conduct, like the 686 snow jacket, ultra-practical, ultra-comfortable for a derisory price considering all its qualities!

686 is the guarantee of a good product!