Toy Machine

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Toy Machine is a skateboard gear company that symbolizes the skate culture of the 90s and the underground, artistic, rock & punk music movement, founded by Ed Templeton, the pro skater artist behind the characters of the brand which is under the control of the group Tum Yeto since its beginnings.

The Toy Machine brand is known for the design of its skate packs adapted to young skateboarders who are just starting out in order to progress with an affordable first skateboard. In terms of strength, whether it's the deck or the skateboard trucks, the brand is there to offer a wide choice of quality and fun complete skateboards, all in top quality Canadian maple.

In addition to offering a complete skateboard stock, the brand also sells board shapes with a more old school concave to move towards a more skate cruiser profile. Same with the skate wheels from the Tum Yeto group, under the Pig Wheels brand.

Several collabs have seen the light of day with the artist Ed Templeton, such as on Supreme products or even Nike Sb, Emerica skate shoes, perfect for slapping your first Olie. Other skateboard accessories such as grip in collaboration with Mob Grip or even wax, bearings and collector's products are offered to you by Toy Machine skateboards. Toy Machine is to Skate punk culture what Zooykr is to New York, Santa Cruz to California and old school 90's style. We even saw the artist and brand boss Ed send solid decorations on snowboards!

Ed Templeton is part of this same generation of innovative skateboarders from the 90s like Andrew Reynolds with Baker, Paul Rodriguez with Primitive or the Frenchman Soy Panday with Magenta skateboards, the made in France brand queen of skate shops.

To show the Toy Machine colors loud and clear, the North American label also offers a superb selection of streetwear clothing, ranging from sweatshirts, jackets and even embroidered caps.

Hawaiisurf has supported the Toy Machine brand within its skate store and through the kids at the skate park since its introduction to the European skate market. Solidity is still there with this brand which is approaching its 30th anniversary to make the skater dream during each session...