Innovations, technologies, R&D and limited editions for premium bindings

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Innovations, technologies, R&D and limited editions for premium bindings

Union bindings are the new generation of snowboard bindings. With an ultra refined design and bright colors, this brand designed by the creators of the Capita snowboard brand, has for several years been a sure value in the wide existing choice of snowboard bindings . The Union bindings brand offers both men's bindings and women's models perfectly suited to female riders as well as your children to bring them riding.

You will be able to combine your new Capita , Nitro , Burton or Bataleon snowboard with the wide choice offered by this snowboard brand, since all Union snowboard bindings are compatible with all snowboard brands. The joy of snow is yours in your favorite ski resort thanks to the current flagship brand in the binding market.

Union snow bindings are compatible with all boards with the classic so-called "4X4" system, but the brand has also thought of users of Burton snowboard boards, by offering many Union snowboard bindings with discs that adapt to the famous rail the channel by burton snowboard!

Just like the snowboard division of the MFG group (which includes Capita), Union bindings are also ridden by big names in the snowboard industry, both true legends and masters on their boards such as Mister Travis Rice in no one, and experienced riders for a good decade now like Gigi Rüf, Torstein Horgmo and Danny Kass.

The Union bindings company is also the young talents of modern snowboarding, regardless of the playing field, with the creative Scott Stevens, or the prodigies Brandon Cocard, the native of Quebec and rider 686 clothing Mr. Phil Jacques or the Japanese Kazu Kokubo. With more than 100 amateur snowboarders in the brand's team, the Union brand and its modern snowboard bindings have a bright future ahead of them!

For you too ladies Union has pulled out all the stops by offering something to equip your women's snowboard and combine the beauty of your snowboard boots with bindings with a refined design and in matte paint colors. You will find a versatile set of bindings for both shredding the snowpark and going off-piste for beautiful powder slashes.

Hawaiisurf offers you the entire Union brand of snowboard bindings with freestyle , freeride and even splitboard models, with already flagship products and often out of stock on the cheap, quality snowboard binding side like the Union Contact or the union strength!

All of these superb snowboard bindings can be found for superb freestyle snowboard runs or great freeride snowboard sessions directly at the heart of the Parisian snowboard shop and our snowboard e-shop open 24/7 !