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Since 1966, the Vans shoe has been at the heart of skateboarding history! With mythical models such as the Van Era (the first real skateboard shoe), the Van Authentic, the Van Sk8-Hi or Old School and the Slip-on model, the brand has definitively established its style and quickly crossed skateboarding boundaries, flooding the fashion world with its limited editions, collabs and constantly renewed collections.

Born in California, the brand Vans brand has become a symbol of Californian culture and lifestyle, with a unique style and quality that have made it a success for decades (50 years to be exact!). Today, the Vans brand offers a wide range of products for skateboarders: from footwear and streetwear to street accessories (backpacks & bags, glasses, vans hats and caps, etc.) and authentic Vans men's and women's clothing.

At the time of its creation, Vans primarily targeted the skateboard market. 20 years ago, thanks to its legitimacy and expertise in the world of footwear for riders, it extended its range to the snow market, launching mountain boots and snowboard boots combining comfort and cutting-edge technology.

HawaiiSurf, the surfing expert since 1976, carefully selects from its two universes, skateboarding and snowboarding, the most core products from the Vans collection, to bring you the latest and best from the brand, with pro models like the Chima Ferguson, the TNT Tony Trudilo skate shoes or the Jamie Lynn snowboots. So you can practice your passion with style, comfort and performance! Our best-sellers include both men's and women's models. Browse through our models and read any reviews to form an opinion not only on design, but also on performance results!

And for those on a budget, HawaiiSurf skateshop regularly offers specials and sales to help you buy your vans for less! Come regularly to our store or online shop to take advantage of these low prices. In black, white or color, browse this page to find your next pair of vans!