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Faction, the Swiss Freeride / Freestyle Ski brand with Candide Thovex

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In the world of skiing or rather freeskiing, if there is a brand that has been able to bring novelty and freshness over the past few years, it is Faction Ski, because with a certain Candide Thovex in the team and its range of ski faction CT, the Swiss brand from Verbier has demonstrated that its product orientation was not just to look pretty. And if you ever wanted more versatile skis for skiing on the piste, off-piste or freerando, come and admire each season the wide choice of freeride ski pack that will delight both gentlemen and ladies, even passing by children's skiing to ride like Candide and his companions. The Swiss Label is also sublime accessories such as Faction ski poles or clothes to chill in the pub after the sessions.

Faction, the Downhill, Backcountry & All Mountain Skis brand

See riders like Switzerland's Sam Anthamatten blast down powder slopes on his pair of freeride alpine skis like the Faction Prime range, which offers ski gear for skiing down steep slopes and going at high speed without taking the risk of tripping an avalanche. We usually say that the Faction naked ski collection is the one that comes closest to the spirit of "ski snowboarding", namely high mountain products with style, technicality and an underground side. far from the big brands that are sometimes found a little too much in winter sports supermarkets like K2 or Rossignol. At Hawaii Surf we have always wanted to highlight choice and quality to the detriment of volume in our selection of ski gear.

Faction bare skis

The brand offers sublime Faction naked skis , for that you just have to admire the sublime decorations and the sobriety of the range of the king of the mountain, for example, with the Faction Candide Thovex collection, high-performance skis available in a variation of width to skate to satisfy all fans of twin-tip skis and in Freestyle, Freeride, Backcountry and downhill skiing of course. Faction and Hawaii surf offers you a collection of skis for you to enjoy winter sports and thus be able to slide down each slope, regardless of the type of snow conditions. Arm yourself with your hiking backpack, your mittens, your DVA, your ski pants and your best ski clothes then let yourself be tempted by a pair of Prodigy Faction skis if you want versatility with double rocker to send tricks both on piste and in the snowpark. If you are more of a man who likes to hike or freeride, the Faction offer is also excellent skis such as the Faction Prime rando, a light, powerful ski that comes in several waist widths to be able to break through off-piste on the side of the high Savoyard mountains as in Verbier in Switzerland. Maybe you have a preference for a ski that is perfect for the piste while being able to teleport or almost in big powder snow, it's the dream that we realize when we opt for the Dictactor collection, like the pro skier Tony Mcwilliam. Finally ladies, if you are a creative woman like the splendid Kelly Sildaru, opt for the Prodigy X collection, 100% womens patterns and skis adapted to female sizes. For the collector's side and the top level of design, the Compagnie des Alpes Suisse offers you sublime collaborations each season with certain brands in the industry such as Dragon in ski goggles, but also prestigious labels of ski jackets, pants and other accessories.

Faction ski poles

To clearly demonstrate the quality and style of the brand, Faction is also a wide range of Faction poles as robust as they are designed to be able to match perfectly with your brand new ski pack. We find a series signature of Mr. Candide Thovex but also high-performance and light ski poles for intensive practice in ski touring or big freeride. So don't wait for heavy snowfalls, and opt for a very light set of poles, which can even match your pair of ski boots if you bought them from us!

Finally, recently we have been offering you, with the brand and our partner Ski Set, to be able to test a large part of the Faction offer thanks to our rental service and our product comparator to allow you to invest in the best Faction ski, the most appropriate to your skiing style. Make your ski purchase at Hawaii surf skishop and leave with the best advice from technicians, being offered the ski bag and the glass of mulled wine that goes with it. No need to go to the Ekosport supermarket and their camping equipment to finally ski a real Alpine ski brand!

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Faction Dancer 2 Ski All Mountain

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Faction Dancer 2x Ski All Mountain

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Faction Prodigy 0 Ski All Mountain

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Faction Prodigy 0x Ski Femme

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