How to choose your surf pad?

Surfing is a sport that attracts more and more people every year. A wide range of boards and accessories are available to improve performance and comfort during surf sessions. These include surf padThe pad is an essential element for good grip and board control. In this article, we present the key points to consider before investing in your surf pad.

Criteria to consider when choosing a surf pad

There are different types of surf pads, each adapted to specific needs. Here are the main criteria to bear in mind:

Pad shape

Your choice of pad shape will depend on the configuration of your board and your personal preferences. There are several available:
  • Flat pads: They provide a more comfortable feel and are generally less expensive.
  • Pads with kicktail: These feature a raised tongue on the rear section to facilitate certain maneuvers, such as pop-ups.
  • Multifunctional pads: combine different shapes to suit all surfing styles.

Pad material

Surf pads are generally made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a lightweight, durable foam. It's also possible to find pads made from ecological materials such as cork, to combine performance and respect for the environment.

Pad thickness

The thickness of a pad generally varies between 2 and 5 mm. A thicker pad will offer better cushioning and greater comfort, while a thinner pad will allow more direct contact with the board, favoring the sensation of control.

The number of parts

Some pads are made from a single piece, while others are modular, consisting of several elements to be assembled. Modular pads offer greater customization and allow you to better adjust the contact zone with your foot.

The best brands of surf pads

Some brands stand out in the field of surf pads:
  • FCS: Australian brand renowned for its quality surf accessories.
  • Dakine: Known for its wide range of sports accessories, including surf pads.
  • OAM (On A Mission): Specializing in surf pads with original designs.
  • Mdns Surf: Innovative French brand offering high-quality pads.

Maintain your surfboard pad to extend its life

Proper care of your surf pad is essential to guarantee its durability and avoid frequent purchases. Here are a few tips:
  • Clean regularly: Use a damp cloth to clean the pad surface after each session. Avoid using chemicals that could damage the foam.
  • Dry it properly: Let the pad air-dry, without exposure to direct sunlight, to avoid premature degradation.
  • Inspect often: Regularly check the condition of your pad for signs of wear or detachment.
Choosing the ideal surf pad will depend on your needs, your surfing style and your board. Take these criteria into account when making your purchase, and don't hesitate to seek the advice of other surfers or professionals to help you in your decision. And don't forget to maintain your pad properly to maximize its lifespan. Happy surfing!