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Skate Accessories

Skate Street Decks: The Foundation of Your Sliding Style

Discover the Skate Accessories collection at HawaiiSurf , with a varied range of Street Skate Decks that form the basis of your riding style. Skate Street Decks are the canvas on which skateboarders express their creativity. Whether you're a trick lover or an urban skate enthusiast, our collection includes high-quality skate decks to personalize your style and push the limits of your skills. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes to create the perfect board that matches your personal style.

Trucks, Wheels and Bearings: The Key Elements of Your Skateboard

To optimize your skateboarding experience, HawaiiSurf offers a full range of essential Accessories, including Trucks , Wheels and Bearings . Trucks are the components that connect the wheels to the deck and determine the stability of your board. Wheels influence the speed, grip and smoothness of your ride. Bearings are responsible for the smoothness of your wheels. Our selection of skate accessories is designed to improve your performance and personalize your board according to your preferences.

Grip and Screws: The Details that Make the Difference

Grip and hardware are the little details that make all the difference in skateboarding. The Grip is the non-slip surface that keeps your feet securely in place on the board, allowing you to perform tricks with precision. Quality hardware guarantees the strength of your board. HawaiiSurf offers a variety of Grips and Screws to personalize your board and ensure optimal gliding. At HawaiiSurf , we understand the importance of high-quality skate accessories for the optimal experience. Our collection of Skate Accessories includes Street Skate Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Grips and Hardware carefully selected to meet all skaters' needs. Whether you're a seasoned street rider or trick enthusiast, our range gives you the performance, customization and style you're looking for. Explore our selection to find the ideal skate accessories and maximize your skating pleasure safely and in style.