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Captain End

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The Surf Captain Fin brand of fins aims to be an “alternative” to all the brands of surf fins that exist on the market, emphasizing performance. On the contrary, Captain Fin Co prefers the aesthetic side, the mix of retro shape surf culture, and its artistic inspirations, rather than trying to design new ultra-modern fins made to win the WSL at all costs...

Captain Fin wants to be “underground”, and offers sets of fins made on “Futures” molds, thus opposing the “more sporty FCS” boxes. Captain Fin is the surf fin brand that was founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, offering local shapers an alternative fin, and above all carte blanche in decorations and material designs.

Of course, the American brand strives to do a good job and therefore does not neglect to offer high-performance fins, with the classic aspects to take into account when choosing a fin set.

“Retro modern” shapers like Jeff Mccallum, Mason Dyer, Thomas Campbell and Chris Christenson collaborate with Captain Fin for the design of fins.

The brand also sponsors big names in surfing such as Dayne Reynolds, Tyler Warren, Dane Peterson, Dion Angus, Tanner Gudauskas and even Joel Tudor!

Numerous collaborations and limited series of surf fin sets are released regularly in your Surf Shop Hawaiisurf, which has become one of the flagship resellers of the Captain Fin surf brand!