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The new skateboard decks

The most popular new skateboard decks of the moment are already available on! Among the biggest quality brands, you don't need to skate like Eric Koston to find the skateboard of your dreams. More than 400 references available daily at guaranteed low prices. A good skate deck at a low price for performing pro ollies in skate parks.

The best cruisers and mini skateboards

Wide choice of mini skateboards for cruising in town and at the skatepark! Your choice: penny skate, globe skate or legendary wooden cruisers like the z-flex.

All our skate wheels

All the most efficient skate wheels for skateboarding in skateparks, bowls and on the street.

Since 1976, and yes 40 years is something to celebrate, Hawaiisurf has been offering skateboard products, in this game we are indeed the oldest active skate shop in France! If there is one discipline where we strive to be really up-to-date and in tune with the times, it is of course for our catalog of skateboarding products. Hawaiisurf has seen many French big names pass through its team, thus conveying a quality skateboard department over the decades. Whether you are an Old school or New school Half Pipe practitioner or you simply like to ride and slide on your skateboard, come and visit our skateshop and find the skate brand that will give you all the means to succeed in your tricks and tricks like the legend Tony Hawk! Skateboarding is the urban discipline par excellence, the king of extreme streetstyle sports!

Looking for a new skateboard deck to replace yours that is starting to wear out from sanding the curbs or just the latest skateboard deck featuring an artist in collaboration at the design level, we offer a choice of more than 400 trays intended for both newschool and oldschool practice. Among the most fashionable brands like Palace skateboard or even cheap boards like Jart skateboard. Hawaiisurf also supports French skateboarding with historical brands like Cliché skateboard but also the most recent and fashionable ones like Magenta skateboard. Let's not forget our European neighbors with the new killer from Scandinavia and the brand Polar Skate co.

Let's not forget the complete skateboard packs for beginners in street and skatepark skateboarding or simply cruising thanks to mini skateboards like the Penny or Globe skateboards, a real throwback to the 70s, a nod to the golden age skateboarding by the legendary Tony Alva or Jay Adams.

To carry out your progress in skateboarding, you will also have to rely on a wide choice of skateboard wheels, in urethane, more or less hard with different cores and widths and special cruiser wheels. Devastating Logos to choose from the most qualitative brands on the market such as Spitfire, Ricta or Bones but also on our national brand Haze wheels.

The right pair of skateboard trucks, rather light or heavy according to your desires, with flexible or rigid gums but also low or high versions depending on your playing field, a wide choice of colored or raw color trucks among the most popular brands. more mythical like Independent or Venture. The skateboard truck is above all a robust product that will make you grind nicely on the curbs.

Finally, in terms of skate accessories, there is also a wide choice of quality products such as bearings, mini logos, which will give speed to your push and efficient performance via classic brands such as Bones or Andale. More or less long skateboard hardware suitable for practice with or without riser pads, and above all a choice of color or basic full black hardware, such as Diamond or Element. Without forgetting the Wax and the skateboard tools & tools to remember to check the condition of your complete pack.

To fully enjoy your skateboard like any good skateboarder, you will need a good pair of skate shoes. Hawaiisurf offers more than 200 pairs of skateshoes in order to have the best grip on your skateboard.

You will have understood Hawaiisurf and Skateboarding, it's a love story that has lasted for more than 40 years now and we will always offer you the best brands of the moment in our legendary skate shop.

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SKATEBOARD Sk8mafia Og 8.12 Logo Blur...


Sizes:  8.1

Sk8mafia Og 8.12 Logo Blur Deck

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Sizes:  8.38

Sk8mafia Acrylic Red 8.38x32 Deck

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Sizes:  8.3

Sk8mafia Glitch 8.3x32 Deck

From €59.95 €41.97
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