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The history of Surftech begins in 1989, this surfboard construction company was born with the idea of inventing a new way of building boards that are even lighter and more durable than the boards on the market. Currently, Surftech manufactures surfboards for the majority of top shapers , brands and athletes around the world.

The company specialized in the construction of surfboards exclusively, until the stand-up paddle made its appearance. Surftech then became the first manufacturer of SUP surfing in the nautical trade and above all accessible to all. The brand offers many inflatable models that optimize storage and transport. They collaborate with many renowned designers such as Joe Bark and Jeff Clark. Surftech is a constantly evolving brand, always looking for the most efficient and innovative equipment possible.

Surftech has produced many flagship products recognized around the world such as Prone NSP race boards and Bark SUP.

The HawaiiSurf team is therefore delighted to present a selection of the best Surftech boards! We offer different longboard models including the Donald Takayama, paddle packs, and racing models like the Elite Bark. Surftech surfboards are a safe bet for many top surfers such as Filipe Toledo, Jeff Clark, Shaun Thompson and Travis Grant. In addition, the brand uses many sustainable materials for construction, such as "GreenPoxy", Bloom foam and coconut flax.

So what are you waiting for to shop your future favorite board from Surftech on HawaiiSurf?

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