United By Blue Insulated Steel Mug De Voyage Grey 53 Cl



Ref product : 707-281GRE
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Are you tired of always losing your water bottle or not being able to drink your favorite drink when the mood takes you? The solution is right before your eyes! Opt for the stainless steel bottle carefully crafted by the eco-responsible brand United By Blue . You can say goodbye to plastics and enjoy your favorite drinks to infinity thanks to this insulated bottle ! Its capacity of more than 50cl allows you to easily carry your drink throughout the day. It will also allow you at the same time to adopt a simple and environmentally friendly gesture. Top not?

Double insulation that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and drinks cold for 24 hours.

This product holds The Smart Choice label. Certified eco-responsible. You too join the movement, for each product sold, United by Blue is committed to carrying out a good deed. For example, for each sale, United by Blue collects 1 liter of waste from our oceans.

Capacity : 53cl

Material : Stainless steel

Washing : Only by hand

Enjoy the best eco-responsible United by Blue products exclusively on HawaiiSurf !

Season FW22/23