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Oakley Flight Deck Matte Blk


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The ski and snowboard brand OAKLEY Flight Deck has become in less than three seasons the "best sellers" of the brand, and even of the winter sports goggles industry in many parts of the world. Oakley had introduced this model of winter goggles, with its new Prizm technology which can now be found on 90% of the range of the North American firm specializing in sports optics.

The Flight Deck goggles offer a remarkable field of vision, accentuating both horizontal and vertical vision. Its spherical shape and clean look, designed with the best athletes of the sports brand, have propelled this small challenger product to the rank of best winter sport product and accessory of the year.

We appreciate the RidgeLock quick screen change system, and its side fin system preventing the screen from being crushed on the frame in the event of a big impact.

The triple density foam ensures protection and longevity thanks to three points :
* Anti allergenic fiber density and more durable
* Low density foam for better mask deformation in the event of impact
* High density foam to avoid contact between screen and frames

The double-glazed anti-fog system , and the treatment of the screen in a plutonite design , make this mask one of the most resistant on the market. Its 0-Matter construction ensures flexibility and a perfect fit on the face for a lasting grip on your helmet or beanie to face all tests.

The Prizm Rose Iridium screen: Ideal for days with snow and overcast skies

Season FW19/20
Gender Unisex
Extra Lens No
Over The Glasses Fit No
UV Filter Category 2
Weather Conditions Stormy
Weather Conditions Cloudy
Easy Screen Change Yes
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