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A pioneer in the field, HawaiiSurf is the most authentic sign in the distribution of equipment intended for the practice of sliding sports such as Skateboarding , Snowboarding , Surfing , Skiing and Rollerblading . When it started in 1976 , HawaiiSurf built its image as an expert in board sports thanks to its first Parisian store located in the inner suburbs in the heart of the city of Ivry-Sur-Seine less than 500 meters from the 13th arrondissement. Parisian. Its growing notoriety, the HawaiiSurf brand is going viral in the Parisian circle with the opening of a second store in 2019 which will be specialized in the resale of Skateboard and Rollerblade items in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The site came to life in 1997 , thus validating its ever-increasing competitiveness in the field of Retail but also in its online sales strategy by becoming the first French site with expertise in the resale of board sports equipment and textiles . More recently, 3 other stores have opened in the Atlantic department. Two stores opened in 2017, one in Mimizan and the other in Saint-Jean-De-Luz.

A team of experts in sliding sports will be delighted to assist you during your purchases by sharing all their know-how and skills as sliding sports technicians .

Choosing HawaiiSurf means choosing a brand of enthusiasts , picky in the matter for 48 years who will accompany you perfectly in your purchases, by offering you finely selected technical equipment , while following the most beautiful lifestyle trends on the market !

Winter sports: Snowboard, Ski, Splitboard, Ski touring and technical textiles !

At the beginning of the 80s, HawaiiSurf was the first store to import snowboarding culture to French territory by building year after year a solid partnership with the famous brand Burton Snowboards by distributing the very first old-school boards of the time. HawaiiSurf has kept this very marked attraction of winter sports by offering you quality technical equipment and textiles, opening its range to the sports of Skiing , Splitboard and Ski Touring, thus allowing you to vary the glide and the pleasures. For the practice of snowboarding , you will therefore be able to discover the best boards , bindings and boots on the market with top brands such as Burton , Nitro , Union , Arbor , Capita , Slash Snowboard and many others with products accessible to all and for all the levels . For our skier friends, it was important for HawaiiSurf to open its range by offering quality equipment for Alpine Skiing , Freeride , Freestyle and Backcountry by offering brands like Black Crows , Völkl , Dalbello , Faction , Armada , Poc and many others... Post-lockdown has only validated the growing interest in Outdoor sports and the importance of rediscovering the great outdoors. Aged only a few years, ski touring and splitboarding are making their appearances and quickly arousing great interest among seasoned consumers , opening their target to the most beginners thanks to the confinement and closure of resorts following government announcements at the following the Covid-19 virus in the 20/21 season. Finally, a successful session does not only come from the equipment attached to our feet, but also from the increasingly efficient technical textile which will ensure real comfort, protecting you perfectly from the elements even when they are unleashed ! Find a selection of the most successful brands on the market such as Picture Organic Clothing , 686 , Patagonia , The North Face , Millet , Burton and Volcom . At HawaiiSurf, priority is given to equipment ranging from the head to the tips of the spatulas with helmets , masks , and safety equipment coupled with very high quality technical equipment . 

Water Sports: Surfing, Bodyboarding & Wetsuits !

Closest to the Surf community with a head office located in the town of Bayonne and shops that run along the Atlantic Coast from end to end, HawaiiSurf also emphasizes its extensive knowledge of the mythical land of French Surfing including the -Basque and the Landes ! You can find 200 different Surfboard models available for all levels ranging from beginners to experts with prestigious brands such as Torq , Venon , Ocean Earth , Catch Surf and Wave Power . Many essential accessories for practice such as fins , leashes , pads and safety covers are also available for brands such as FCS , Mdns , Roam and Ocean Earth . Are you looking for thrills? So dive into the waves with our selection of equipment aimed at the practice of Bodyboard with French brands like Pride , Sniper but also brands like Dafin , Pride and Churchill . Whether you practice Bodyboarding , Surfing , Skimboarding or Stand Up Paddle , optimal protection must be added to your boarding equipment! You will therefore be able to discover a selection of neoprene wetsuits for Men , Women and Children with famous brands such as Mdns , Patagonia , O'neill , Picture and Rip Curl with other accessories such as ponchos , wetsuits hoods , wetsuits boots , wetsuits gloves and sun cream

Urban Sports: Skateboard, Longboard Skate & Roller Quad!

The story of HawaiiSurf starts from there! Fly back a few years when skateboarding culture took off in 1976 over the city of Paris . Being the first French brand specializing in the resale of skateboard and rollerblade items for almost 50 years , HawaiiSurf has thus been able to create stable , lasting and trusting relationships with the best brands on the market . You can therefore find a wide range of choices by buying complete boards including the deck , trucks , screws , griptape and wheels , but also in spare parts allowing you to compose your own dream board with brands like Independent , Santa Cruz , Powell Peralta , Madness , Globe , Chocolate , Element , Plan B and many other brands... If you like going down mountain pass roads at full speed, slaloming between cars or simply for use to move quickly without using the car on short trips , you can also find a selection of longboard skates like Landyachtz , Arbor , Yow , Carver and Globe . Finally, true fans of the 80s and the culture of the 90s, the HawaiiSurf team has selected roller skates for the practice of Roller Derby or Roller Dance through the 3-wheel rollers dedicated to the practice of Freeskate in town with brands like Impala , Rollerblade , Seba , Bullet , FR Skates and many other brands...

Outdoor: Hiking, Trail running, Trekking!

Outdoor sports continue to gain ground year after year on the sports market. The cause ? Walking, running, climbing, riding or even camping in the mountains, or in the forest , with family, couples or friends are the freedom that will never be equaled by other sports practiced indoors or other indoor complexes. Nowadays, office jobs, society or even more recently, the health crisis push us to stay at home and thus forget the pleasure of a walk in the forest, a hike in the mountains , a descent on snow cool, the well-being and the freedom that these activities give us! At HawaiiSurf , we know that it is important to protect , capture and enjoy these moments when we recharge our memories and unforgettable moments by varying the landscapes, admiring panoramas that city dwellers will never be able to observe and above all, take a deep breath of fresh air! But who says outdoor sports says, technical materials and at the forefront of innovation in order to be accompanied at best during your various outings. That's why HawaiiSurf has concocted a selection of the best brands such as Lafuma , The North Face , Millet or even Patagonia on the outdoor market to offer you the best technical outdoor multi- sport textiles , shoes and equipment. Camping & duvet and luggage storage find all those you will need for your excursions!

Streetwear, lifestyle clothing!

HawaiiSurf is not only your equipment supplier in the world of action and sliding sports such as skateboarding , surfing or Snowboarding , but it is also THE brand that offers a selection of streetwear clothing for men , women and children ! All the latest streetwear clothing brands inspired by urban cultures like Carhartt , Levi's Skateboarding or even Dickies , but also more trendy skateboard labels like Polar, Thrasher magazine and Huf , are at HawaiiSurf ! Our wide choice of brands is super sharp in selection , we offer you the best labels of the moment, the most fashionable, but also those historical in the landscape of action sports and urban cultures. Our DNA comes from California , so a wide choice of boardshorts and tank tops is present all year round in our shop , for people looking for the latest lifestyle or surfing product for the next sessions on your board or for your next vacation. For the most eco -responsible among you, we offer recycled products with the Picture Organic Clothing brand. HawaiiSurf then offers the largest selection in the action sports industry; you will be able to dress from head to toe with the latest trendy brands in our industry and equip yourself for successful sessions!

For lovers of streetwear products combining class , elegance and fashion ; don't wait any longer, it's at HawaiiSurf !